Tuesday, March 2nd, 2021

Additional Submissions

The following is a list of all individuals who provided additional items submitted outside of public hearings.

Additional Submissions, Emailed to ILRedistricting@gmail.com

UNO and the Latino Coalition for Fair Redistricting
Juan Rangel

Additional submissions outside of committee:
House Districts
Senate Districts
Senate District 1
Senate District 11
Senate District 12

Citizen: Kevin Lelko

Citizen: Chuck Maki, Rock Island

Citizen: Joseph A. Murzanski, Palos Heights

Citizen: Caryl Wenzel, Lake in the Hills

Citizen: Arthur Fanter

Citizen: David Enright, Palos Heights

United Congress of Community and Religious Organizations
Josita Morita

African Americans for Legislative Redistricting
Lawrence Hill

Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community
Theresa Mah

Jewish Federation of Metropolitan Chicago
Suzanne Strassberger

Citizen:  Mary McWilliams

Citizen:  Nora Whipple

Citizen:  John Olson

Henry County Board
Jon Zahn

Citizen: Bruce Crosby

Auburn Gresham Renaissance Community Council
Vernita Farmer, Vice Chairperson

Village of Justice
Krzysztof Wasowicz, Mayor

Citizen: Don Jones

Northfield Township
Mary Reynolds, Township Trustee

Swedish Covenant Hospital
Laura Weiss, Administration

Dunham Fund
Robert Vaughn, Executive Director

Citizen: Pat Devaney

United Neighborhood Organization (UNO)
Juan Rangel

City of Berwyn
Robert Lovero, Mayor

City of Belleville
Mark Eckert, Mayor

Citizen: Dr. Lora Chamberlain

Citizen: Andy Quarnstom

Olympia Fields
Debbie Meyers-Martin, Village President

Carlson Community Services
Liz Mills, Executive Director

Chicago 38th Ward
Timothy Cullerton, Alderman

Citizen: Martin J Duffy

Chicago 29th Ward
Deborah L Graham, Alderman

Evergreen Park
James J Sexton, Mayor

Action Now
Michelle Young, President

Village of Berkley
Louis J. Rodriguez, Village Trustee

Southeast Chicago Chamber of Commerce
Kimi Ellen, Board President

The Civil Rights Agenda
J. Anthony Martinez, Executive Director

Citizen: Bob Cammarata, Downers Grove

Citizen: Patricia A. Twymon, Calumet City

Albany Park Community Center, Inc.
Harold Rice, JR., Executive Director & C.E.O.

Citizen: Esther Patt

Citizen: Sean Tenner

Village of Brookfield
Michael J. Garvey, Village President

Puerto Rican Arts Alliance
Tanya Rodriguez, Assistant Director

Village of Deerfield
Harriet Rosenthal, Mayor

Colombianos Unidos Para Una Labor Activa
Henry A. Moya, President, Board of Directors

Hispanic American Construction Industry Association
Jorge J. Perez, Executive Director

City of Markham
Donna A. Barron, Alderman

Citizen: Anna Zolkowski Sobor

Citizen: Nickolas Allen

City of Chicago City Council
Richard F. Mell, Chairman of the Committee on Committees, Rules, and Ethics

Cicero Public Schools
Donna Adamic, Superintendent

Citizen: Larisha McNeal

North River Commission
Ronald P. Duplack, President

Southwest Organizing Project
Jeff Bartow, Executive Director

Village of Skokie
George Van Dusen, Mayor

Hope Community Church
Rev. Steve M. Epting, Sr., Senior Pastor

City of Crystal Lake
Aaron T. Shepley, Mayor

Brighton Park Neighborhood Council
Anita Caballero, Board President
Patrick Brosnan, Executive Director

Citizen: Rob Nesvacil, Arlington Heights

Citizen: Mark Rothert

Oak Lawn Park District
Maddie Kelly, Director

City of Benton
Gary Kraft, Mayor

Olive-Harvey College
Clyde El-Amin, President

City of Chicago Heights
David A. Gonzalez, Mayor

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Joshua Hoyt, Executive Director
Artemio Arreola, Political Director
Instituto de Progresso Latino
Federacion de Michoacanos en Illinois
Mjueres Latinas en Accion
Latino Organization of the Southwest
SouthWest Organizing Project
Coalition for a Better Chinese American Community
Council of Islamic Organizations of Greater Chicago
Family Focus of Aurora
Proyecto de Accion del Suroeste

Citizen: Dean J. Argiris

Franklin County Board
Randall R. Crocker, Chairman

Colombianos Unidos Para Una Labor Activa
Henry A. Moya, President

Black Chamber of Commerce of Lake County
Arthur J. Gass, Sr., President and CEO

Citizen: Christie Hunter

Citizen: Joann B. Kirby

Citizen: Tawny Smith

Student Financial Assistance Outreach Center
Dozier Thomas, Director of Operations

Citizen: Mary Tyse

Citizen: Bennie Vick, Williamson County Sheriff

Beverly Area Planning Association
Matthew J. Walsh, Executive Director

Citizen: Michael Bauer

Memorial Health System
Edgar J. Curtis, President and CEO

Citizen: Angel Infante, Blue Island Alderman

Roseland Ceasefire
Bob Jackson, Executive Director

Oak Lawn Park District
Maddie Kelly, Director

City of Metropolis
Bill McDaniel, Mayor

Citizen: Lou Peyton, Calumet Township Trustee

Citizen: Nancy Thompson, Blue Island Alderman

Village of Phoenix
Terry R. Wells, President

Citizen: Hermitt Whittington

Citizen: Joseph Whittington, Jr., Harvey Alderman

Peoria County Board
Thomas H. O’Neill, III, Chairman

City of Crest Hills
Raymond R. Soliman, Mayor

Citizen: Deborah Hansen Toppert

Citizen: Larry Toppert

Citizen: Caludia Tripoli, Calumet Township Trustee

Citizen: Doris J. Turner, City of Springfield Alderman. Sangamon County Democratic Party Minority Caucus

Tri-City Building Trades
Rory Washburn

Vermillion County Democrats
Scott Kair

Citizen: Dee Ann Ryan

Citizen: Lillian Perry

Citizen: Sam Toia

City of Park City
Steve Pannell, Mayor

Village of Westchester
Sam D. Pulla, President

Citizen: Deborah Mangan

Village of Elwood
Bill Offerman, President

Joliet Black Chamber of Commerce
Michael Carruthers, President

Citizen: Benjamin Bernal

Citizen: Sharon Schreiber

Illinois Coalition for Immigrant and Refugee Rights
Artemio Arreola, Political Director

Rainbow Push Coalition
Jesse L Jackson, Sr.

African Americans for Legislative Redistricting
Lawrence Hill

Bethel New Life
Lori R. Vallelunda, President and CEO

Citizen: Samuel Serven

Citizen: Kevin Lelko

Village of Harwood Heights
Mark S. Dobrzycki, Trustee

Citizen: Bob Kirkman

Cook County Board of Review
Larry R. Rodgers, Commissioner
Michael M. Cabonargi, Commissioner
Dan Patlak, Commissioner

Village of Lyons
Christopher Getty, Mayor

Citizen: Denis Bohm

Citizen: Mark Thomas

Citizen: Phil Carrigan

Citizen: John Bartman

Committee for a Better Chicago
Jeff Baker

Citizen: Harris J. Feldman

Citizen: Shanae C. Dowell

PCC Community Wellness Center
Robert J. Urso, President and CEO

City of Chicago 8th Ward
Michelle A. Harris, Alderman

Citizens: Dale and Susan Glueck

Citizen: Mary Helen Haskell

Citizens: McCloud Family

Citizen: Joyce Plecki