Monday, January 18th, 2021

April 19, 2011 – Waukegan

Committee Proceedings for the April 19, 2011 Hearing in Waukegan, Illinois

The following is a list of all individuals who provided oral testimony, or written testimony or documentation, at this hearing.  If they submitted written testimony or other documents, click on their name to view their submissions.

To review oral testimony, click here to view hearing transcripts.

Click here to view the presentation given at the hearings.

North Chicago
Leon Rockingham Jr., Mayor

Lake County Commissioner
Angelo Kyle

Latino Policy Forum
Isabel Anadon, Policy Analyst

Latino Families and Citizens
Maria-Elena Jonas

League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC)
Julie Contreras

Waukegan Township Supervisor
Patricia Jones

Highland Park League of Women Voters
Rose Feder, Co-President

Democrats United for Fairness
Phil Carrigan

Democrats United for Fairness
Stella Jones (Page 22-23)

Lake County NAACP
Karen Carstens

Citizen: Doug Williams, District 116 School Board Member

North Chicago Health Center, Intervention Arms Medical Center
Lisa Fields

Yolanda Shannon-Albert

Citizen: Ilya Sheyman, Waukegan

Citizen: Michael Carbone, Grayslake School Board Member

Citizen: Tony Raymond

Republican Assembly of Lake County
Raymond True

Citizen: Steve Bishop

Citizen: Joan & Carl Seifert

Citizen: Martha Stamper, Long Grove

Citizen: Frank Knaack

Village of Beach Park
Diane Hewitt, Commissioner

Citizen: Wendy Warden, Round Lake

Citizen: Melinda Bush, Grayslake

Citizen: Al Rogers, Wadsworth

Latino Coalition of Lake County
Ennedy Rivera

Citizen: Wayne Serbin, Des Plaines

Citizen: Laura Mellon

Citizen: Linda Sittig, Beach Park