Monday, January 18th, 2021

April 20, 2011 – Rock Island

Committee Proceedings for the April 20, 2011 Hearing in Rock Island, Illinois

The following is a list of all individuals who provided oral testimony, or written testimony or documentation, at this hearing.  If they submitted written testimony or other documents, click on their name to view their submissions.

To review oral testimony, click here to view hearing transcripts.

Click here to view the presentation given at the hearings.

Rock Island County NAACP
Elizabeth Sherwin, President

Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce
Paul Rumler, Executive Vice President

Citizen: William Bloom

Illinois/Iowa Center for Independent Living
Hershel Jackson

Hispanic Chamber of Commerce
Alfred Ramirez

Citizen: Randall Jacobs, Milan

Citizen: John Wetzel, Moline

Citizen: Ted Johnson, Rock Island

Citizen: Dorothy Tribbett, East Moline

Henry County Board
Jon Zahn, Member

Citizen: Eric Anderson, Vida

Citizen: William Long, Rock Island