Monday, January 18th, 2021

April 21, 2011 – Peoria

Committee Proceedings for the April 21, 2011 Hearing in Peoria, Illinois

The following is a list of all individuals who provided oral testimony, or written testimony or documentation, at this hearing.  If they submitted written testimony or other documents, click on their name to view their submissions.

To review oral testimony, click here to view hearing transcripts.

Click here to view the presentation given at the hearings.

Citizen: G. Allen Mayer, Chairman of Peoria County Board Redistricting Committee

Citizen: Stephen Morris, Peoria

Tri-County Urban League
Lonnie Whisker, Project Coordinator

Peoria NAACP
Donald Jackson, President

Center Bluff Neighborhood Association
Bernie Miller

Lynhurst Homeowners Association
Charles Gabbert

Peoria Area Chamber of Commerce
Doug Crew, Vice President of Government Relations

Peoria Black Chamber of Commerce
Irene Brown, President

Citizen: General Parker, Peoria

Citizen: Carol Trumpe, Peoria

Illinois Fair Map Coalition
Brad McMillan

Veterans of Foreign Wars
C. Victor Smith

Citizen: Brad Carter

Citizen: Justin Green, Mackinaw

Tea Party Patriots of Chillicothe
Jim Wright

Medina Township
John Dawson, Supervisor

Citizen: Don Gronewold, Washington