Monday, January 18th, 2021

April 16, 2011 – Champaign

Committee Proceedings for the April 16, 2011 Hearing in Champaign, Illinois

The following is a list of all individuals who provided oral testimony, or written testimony or documentation, at this hearing.  If they submitted written testimony or other documents, click on their name to view their submissions.

To review oral testimony, click here to view hearing transcripts.

Click here to view the presentation given at the hearings.

Vermillion County Democrats
Scott Kair

Citizen: Lin Warfel, Warfel Farms

Illinois Corn Growers – Coles County
Mark Degler

Champaign County Chamber of Commerce
Jim Goss, Board Member

League of Women Voters of Champaign County
Trishia Crowley

Champaign County Board
Alan Kurtz, Chair of the Democratic Caucus
Stephanie Holderfield, Board Member
Alan Nudo, Board Member
Steve Moser, Board Member
Michael Richards, Deputy Board Chair

NAACP Champaign County
Rev. Troy A. Burks, President
Patricia Avery, Vice President

Citizen: William Black, Alderman, City of Danville

City of Urbana
Laurel Prussing, Mayor

Citizen: J. Steven Becket, Urbana

Citizen: David Foster, Danville

Champaign County Democrats
Alvin Klein, Chair

Citizen: Nolan Drea, Student, University of Illinois

Citizen: Chris Hausman, Pesotum

Vermillion County Democratic Party
Shanae C. Dowell, Danville